TurboFire 5 Day Inferno Plan Day 1

Posted by on Nov 13, 2011 in Breakfast, Dinner, Krystal, Lunch, Nutrition, Shakeology

I decided I was going to log my progress with the 5 Day Inferno Plan from the TurboFire workouts! I have done TurboFire, had amazing results, but never did the 5 day menu plan that has allowed people to lose 10 pounds and 10 inches within 5 DAYS!!!! I am starting on Sunday, instead of Monday bc this Friday I have a function to go to and it wont be feasible for me to do the last day of the plan on a Friday, so Thursday is my last day – PLUS Thanksgiving festivities start the next week and I want to be looking thin and lean! – Hey who doesnt!!?!??

Starting weight: 126.6

Today has been great. I feel like I have a ton of energy and I didnt feel hungry all day or anything like that. I drank about 60oz of water and my workout was still up beat and it was an overall awesome first day to the inferno plan!

I forgot to take a pic of my breakfast, but it was very good and filling! I didn’t feel hungry again until my snack at 11am. I have never had turkey bacon until today and I LOVED it, I think I can safely say I can add bacon back into my diet – Turkey Bacon that is :)

Lunch was SOOOO good! Tuna Salad! Usually I put pickles in my tuna, but it wasnt on the menu, I was a little bummed, but the chopped celery put the crunch in it that I needed and I hardly noticed. 3 cups of mixed greens, 4oz of tuna and iced tea sweetened with stevia was a perfect lunch.

Snack #2 was a chocolate Shakeology w/ Almond Butter, 12oz of water and ice! This will always be a favorite meal for me because it is more like a dessert than a snack or meal.

Dinner was probably the best chicken I have ever made! I am not a Betty Crocker or some cooking/baking expert FYI :)

Tonight was chicken w/ a honey dijon mix I made, grilled on the George Foreman and then steamed Parmesan Garlic Broccoli. My kids loved it, I loved it and was very full by the time I finished. I drank 12oz of water with a 1/2 package of Crystal Light Peach Tea poured in the water. 


  1. Oh I cannot wait to start this!!!.., how often can you do this meal plan?

    • I would suggest only doing this every few months – but continue using the TF meal guide after the 5 days to keep a healthy lean diet :)

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