My Wedding Day Prep!

Posted by on Jan 20, 2015 in Krystal

My Wedding Day Prep!

Hey friends!!!

I am so excited to be marrying my best friend next month… It has literally snuck up on me… It doesn’t seem like I’ve already been engaged almost a year, but in about 30 days, I will be Mrs. Karmatz!

I have been doing some serious prepping, so that my skin, hair, nails and body are picture and wedding dress ready!

I have been switching between doing Insanity Max 30 and my own Interval workouts for my workouts and as far as nutrition, I’ve cut my dining out and processed sugars¬†in¬†half!!!! I’ve been eating a more Paleo style of diet.. But not 100% – it just works for my lifestyle and I am celiac and hypothyroid, so it definitely helps. Plus following the 21 Day Fix portion control meal guide, I am golden!!! I’ve gone from eating every 2-3 hours to now doing Interval Fasting… So I eat the same amount of calories a day, but they are in 3 bigger meals and 1 snack.. I go about 6 hours between eating! This has started changing my body composition drastically! I didn’t realize this is how my body would react, because everything I have learned over the past couple of years tells me to stay away from that! But it’s working, so I’m sticking with it!! Between those workouts and my eating style — I’ve lost fat and started leaning out more!!! Plus I’m feeling great!

As for my face… Monthly hydro facials and dermaplaning is a MUST! Plus getting my eyebrows sculpted and trained to grow a certain way (yes I had to let them just grow for a couple of months so I could get them shaped just right.) The skincare line and products I’m using is Lytera. And I LOVE IT! My skin feels so clean and bright! And I’m not breaking out or have dry skin anymore. It’s medical grade.. So it’s good stuff! I do the facials & dermaplane so that my skin will be smooth and even for my makeup application. Another thing I have started.. Well, stopped doing, is wearing makeup everyday! I might apply makeup once a week now and it’s very light and I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use a makeup remover at night, along with my Lytera face wash! I don’t want any cystic acne bumps or marks on my face anytime before the big day!

My my hair is faux mermaid red, so it’s a MUST that I take care and preserve my color! I only wash my hair 3x a week, with cold water and Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner. I also only blowdry 1x per week and have slowed down on the curling iron and never really straighten my hair anymore. Plus I use a leave in conditioner on the ends! I want soft, silky, manageable hair on the big day!

My nails and skin have been getting lots of love from exfoliating and moisturizing! Coconut oil on my cuticals and anti-aging extra moisturizing Olay body lotion!

So theres my wedding day fitness, nutrition and beauty regimen! I don’t expect perfection… But I want to look and feel my absolute best on February 21st! I don’t want to regret not taking better care of myself on the day I get to shine!

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