21 Day Fix EXTREME

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21 Day Fix EXTREME

Did you hear the awesome news? 21 Day Fix Extreme is NOW available! Last year when 21 Day Fix originally released, it sold out 3 times!!! I can’t rave enough over this program… I have never seen so many amazing results and results THAT STICK because of this program! If you are unsure of what I’m talking about — it is literally the most simplified program. Its simplified nutrition/eating plan and its simplified workouts! It is proven to work… I hosted a group of ladies last year that within 21 days they had lost combined total of 70 pounds!

So whats the difference between the two programs?? See below:

21DF vs 21DFE
This program is for those who are looking to go EXTREME with your fitness and nutrition. There are no cheats in this program. The wine and red wine you were allowed to eat/drink on the original 21 Day Fix are no longer allowed. But, like Autumn says this is for those that want to see insane results in 21 days. Almost every training day has weights that are included. Even on the pilates days!

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 8.22.31 PM
Jenna’s 21 day fix extreme results


Are you still wondering if this is the program for you?

If you are a 21 day fix graduate, like extreme fitness programs like Insanity, P90x, Insanity Max 30 –  then yes!! This is going to be right up your alley!!

If you are just getting started on your health and fitness journey and really want to learn the nutrition piece then the original 21 Day Fix is your program. It has a great modifier and the program has incredible results with TONS of FOOD too!!
It is my favorite program that I love for my clients to use.

Listen to what Autumn had to say about the program at our recent Super Saturday in Pittsburgh.

XO – Krys

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