Meet Krystal

my worldMy name is Krystal Bland and I am a mom of 2 little girls, engaged to my best friend Stuart, live in Austin TX, I teach Turbo Kick, Hip Hop Hustle and PiYo, LOVE music, I’m a business owner, I would rather be outside playing with my daughters than inside cleaning house lol and I am always up for good challenge (yes I am competitive)!

Although, I LOVE health and fitness now, I have not always been this way about my lifestyle…I use to be 180 pounds, unhealthy, unmotivated, no goals, a hermit and depressed – walking into a department store and into a dressing room to try on clothes was like the “walk of doom”. Fortunately, I found a workout that I have become completely addicted to and it has transformed my body! I have never been in THIS good of shape, as I have lost 60 pounds and over 40 inches. I didn’t realize the person I would become on my journey to healthier lifestyle! This new lifestyle introduced me to a business opportunity I never thought possible.

I have had my own fitness business for over 2 years and I have never felt more proud of myself than ever before…I am so glad I found this business! Becoming a fitness mentor has allowed me the freedom to never miss a moment with my kids and family, the freedom to travel, the freedom to make my own hours and “take off” when I need to do so. Along the way I have gained a sense a self confidence, I have goals, I am organized, I am not stressing everyday how I am going to pay bills, I am living life to the fullest everyday!!!! I have been given the freedom to fire my boss and now just work for myself, plus build a very successful 6 figure income – something I never thought possible. My passion now is to pay it forward – allow others to share this same opportunity. Some people dont even know their own ability until they just dive in and GO FOR IT. I did and I will never look back. I would love to pay it forward to you whether you need help with your own fitness goals or want to know how to build your own biz and have the freedom YOU DESERVE, I would love to help!

“Fitness starts from the inside out. Change your mind, change your body! Fitness is not a number on a scale – it’s a lifestyle and mindset.”

– Krystal Bland

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