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Are you ready to take your body, fitness and nutrition to the next level? Are you ready to join a challenge that will PUSH you & keep you accountable? Do you want to be able to wear a bikini or take off your shirt without feeling self conscience? Then it’s time for YOU to join my BeachBody Challenge groups.

I have hosted numerous challenge groups since October 2011 that have had some AMAZING results. Not only are people dropping 10, 15, 30, 50 pounds during my challenges – but they are gaining self confidence, feeling sexy, learning to love a healthy and fit lifestyle!!

Ask yourself this: WHY do you want to lose weight? What are your fitness goals? What are you willing to change to see change?

If you can answer these questions (honestly) then you are ready to take it to the next step! This challenge group will help you get the absolute BEST Results. Here’s the Deal…It’s simple!!  FITNESS + NUTRITION + SUPPORT = SUCCESS

I want each person to see RESULTS when they join my challenges, so in all fairness I have to keep these groups small and intimate (about 5-7 ppl) so that I can give each individual challenger my personal attention. I will be investing my time in YOU, in return I expect the same – for you to invest your time in YOURSELF and getting in the absolute best shape of your life by purchasing a Challenge Pack or whatever you need from the Challenge Pack to achieve your results…

You’re probably wondering ..What’s in a Challenge pack?  It’s 3 things most need for MAX RESULTS:

1) Your choice of a new fitness program (like Turbo Fire, P90X, Insanity, Slim in 6, etc);

2) A 30-day Club membership for custom meal planning;

3) Shakeology on HD (Chocolate or Greenberry). You can cancel later if you want ..no questions asked.

Plus, by being a part of this, we’ll have our own facebook group for daily accountability and support. This is ALL done online and everyone just does their own personal best!

The “challenge pack” price depends on what program you choose..but they are a $30-$60 savings over what you’d normally pay retail.

Click this link below & scroll down to the “Take the Challenge” button. You’ll fill out a form so you’re registered for the $100,000 Beachbody contest, then look for the pack you want to buy for my challenge. If you decide to really be a contender in the overall contest (with $100K prize), you can submit before & after pictures later for that J But there’s no obligation to do that.


*****Let me know as SOON as you order, so I can make sure it went thru before I close the group! ***** krystalbland1224@yahoo.com or http://www.facebook.com/krystalbland1224



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