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“After gaining 50 lbs with my pregnancy I needed drastic results. Thanks to Beachbody I not only lost all the weight, I am smaller than I was before I got pregnant! My core products are P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire & Shakeology. I am a coach for my own accountability & to share the steps I took so others can enjoy health & happiness. Let’s End the Trend!” – Alice Dymally













“For 13 plus years of serving citizens in need on the ambulance, my body took a beating.  Once my wife and I started having children, I took a long look at myself in the mirror and like so many people in my situation  I was disgusted at what I saw.  One late night with the infomercial playing, I made the call. I was hook on the Insanity and P90X programs, there is no turning back now.  I have even taken it to a whole other level to become a certified fitness trainer.  What a wonderful life.” – Steven Von Gonten


I’m a mom who has struggled with weight for years, up & down, up & down. Never finding that inner motivation or the workout I liked enough to finish it! Well, that all changed when I found Beachbody. With TurboJam and TurboFire, I was motivated to push play every day because it was a party! Drinking Shakeology every day helps with the diet part and as a result, I’ve lost 50 lbs! I’m finally in the “healthy” weight range… which hasn’t happened in over 15 years. I’m a coach because I want to help others achieve the same success and I want accountability for myself. Best decision of my life!! – Shannon Sisk






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Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body?

I absolutely love being a 7th grade English teacher. Truthfully, I tended to let work be my life. I worked all day and continued at night—planning, grading, etc. Work was an excellent distraction from analyzing myself and my life. But, when I really think back to my life before I started the program, I really just was happy enough. Not happy period. Not happy exclamation point. Just happy enough. I had reached this weirdly satisfied but not satisfied acceptance of my life. I weighed how much I weighed. I considered myself the definition of a heavy girl. I was one of many. I had sunk into the realization that I was not a skinny girl, nor would I ever be miserable about who I was. I would not beat myself up or guilt myself because of my weight. I liked food and was prepared to live with the consequences. I had tried (but let’s face it, not really tried) to exercise and diet, but it hadn’t really worked.

What inspired you to change your life and begin your transformation journey?

I had no idea that I was going to change my life. I was looking for a change—just a regular one though. Not a transformation or a journey. I had finished the school year, teaching another fabulous group of seventh graders, and felt tired all the time. Reality really sunk in when I saw our school yearbook. I was happy to be featured in so many pictures, but didn’t like what I saw. Was that really me? I had settled into a life of teaching, eating, watching TV, and just enjoying the life I had. Those yearbook pictures were more than I was used to. I had been getting ready for another summer of being inactive and not doing much, but I just decided to do something about ME. My friend Katie invited me to workout with her (as she had done many times before) and I decided to actually do it and put some actual effort into it. I committed to myself. I was putting myself before my students, the tests that I had to grade, and the lessons I had been planning. I was going to succeed!

Why did you choose the particular program?

I had “worked out” with a few teachers at school during the year but hadn’t done much lately. I can’t really call it working out though. I was doing some minor exercise that justified eating more. I would get drive-thru on my way home as a reward for doing it! Throughout my whole life,I have tried working out sporadically, but have never been fit or athletic. I always hated running and had painfully tight calves, so cardio was out. Walking around the mall for hours would kill my legs. I could walk a treadmill pretty slowly. I took a class here and there, but never found a program I could do or love. So, when I decided to give Beachbody a whirl, I simply had no idea. But, all I had to do was turn to my awesome coach. Katie suggested ChaLEAN Extreme for me. She knew that starting me off with this program would get me motivated and each step in the burn-push-lean cycle did just that. Plus, Chalene is amazing. I finally realized why Katie liked working out so much.

What in particular did you like about the program you chose?

The ChaLEAN Extreme system works—it is extreme and effective. Chalene taught me to have a positive inner voice that told me that I can do anything. She taught me how to make progress and how it feels so good to work hard. I wasn’t allowed to go through it at a comfortable level, but go through it pushing myself and give every move my very best effort. “Failing” with Chalene meant that I was actually making progress, because I knew I was challenging myself to the right level with each weight workout. She promised me that I was going to see amazing results…and she kept that promise. I’m happy every time I finish working out with Chalene. I’ve burned a ton of calories, I feel good about myself, I’m sweaty, I have a smile on my face, and I don’t have a care in the world. I learned that I wanted to experience this feeling every day of my life.

Tell us about the greatest challenge you faced. How did you overcome that challenge?

I have never been an athlete, played any sports, trained for anything, or been part of a team. I’m so happy to be part of the BB team and have the best coach in the world .The thing Katie helped me realize is that I’ve never really had to push before. Athletes learn these things through their sport .If I had been working out by myself & had reached that point of tiredness or discomfort, I would have stopped. Katie helped me push through it. I couldn’t have achieved the results I have if I had taken it easy. I needed to lift heavier weights, run faster, squat lower, get down, etc. It was a challenge in every sense of the word. Uncomfortable? Absolutely! It was ridiculously uncomfortable .I overcame my challenge by getting strong mentally as well. I had to believe I could do it. I had to grin and bear it. I had to take the time to do it right. I had to push my body to the max. I had to realize that it would be worth it. I WAS WORTH IT!!!
Describe the results you achieved with your Beachbody® program. What achievements are you proud of?

I have more energy than I ever thought was possible. Before Beachbody, I would work five days a week and spend the weekends doing nothing because I was so tired. I would make light of it. “What are you doing this weekend, Jessica?” Response: “Couch City and I’m the mayor.” Now I get so invigorated and energized after each workout. I’m active and so much more outgoing. I am ridiculously happy. It pours out of me. People tell me that I look happier all the time. Like I said before, I have lost 63 pounds and 54 inches. I went from a size 18 to a size 10. I can shop at all the stores that all my friends do. That might sound like an absurd statement, but I’m proud of that. I spent too many years shopping with friends and watching them try on clothes. I would give advice on what looked cute or not and just buy an accessory because that’s all I could buy at certain stores. Not anymore! But really, I’m just proud of myself. I DID IT!

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